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Professional-grade Microfibre cloth

Crafted with the highest quality 420 GSM microfibre, this versatile detailing cloth for your ORAGE wipes boasts two sides designed to tackle any car cleaning task with precision and finesse. On one side of the car cloth, you'll find a thin fibre that effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and smudges from surfaces, making it an ideal buffing cloth, leaving them spotless and immaculate. Flip it over, and you'll uncover a thick fiber that takes care of the finishing touches. This plush side of the detailing cloth is designed to give car surfaces a flawless, streak-free shine. From glass and mirrors to fairings, frames, panels, and wheels, our Microfiber cloth ensures every surface gleams with brilliance. Whether you're detailing your car's interior or buffing the exterior to perfection, this car cloth is your go-to for achieving a professional-quality finish.

Dimension: 35x35 cm
Density: 420 Grams per Square Meter

  • Wash your microfiber as required without fabric softener  
  • Do not iron  Dry naturally  
  • Not suitable for dryer  
  • Caution: May fade slightly at first wash
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