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Ceramik - Spray on Ceramic Coating 200ML

Ceramik - Spray on Ceramic Coating 200ML

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Experience Cutting-Edge Ceramic Coating with Ceramik
Dive into the future of vehicle protection with CERAMIK, your go-to spray-on solution for achieving a long-lasting, showroom shine. This professional-grade detailing spray not only dazzles with radiant gloss but also establishes a formidable shield against UV damage, oxidation, and environmental pollutants. Ideal for preserving the integrity of headlights and carbon surfaces, CERAMIK's innovative formula guarantees your vehicle remains hydrophobic and gleaming.
Make the smart choice for your vehicle with CERAMIK's effortless spray-on application. Experience unparalleled protection and shine that stands the test of time and elements. Choose CERAMIK for a flawless finish that keeps your vehicle looking its best, regardless of the environment.

      Instructions & Disclaimer

      ⚠️  CERAMIK is a ceramic coating designed for professional use, and its application should be carried out by a skilled professional.

      Please follow the steps below for optimal results:

      • Shake the bottle well before use
      • Spray onto the surface to be treated
      • With a clean microfiber cloth, gently spread the formula using slow circular motions, without rubbing
      • Once the product is evenly spread, make a final pass with the microfiber cloth to polish the surface (avoid excess pressure)
      • Visually check that the product has been properly spread (there should be no visible traces on the surface)
      • Apply the product in small consecutive areas (40 to 50 cm2)
      • As a guideline, use 60 to 100ml of product per light vehicle. Leave the vehicle and treated surfaces untouched for 12 hours, protected from sunlight and water, at a temperature between 10 and 30°C. The coating will be fully cured and bonded to the surface after 24 hours.
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      • 1 Bottle of 200 ML of CERAMIK
      • 1 Professional grade microfiber

      Professional Reviews



      What sets Ceramik apart is its economical nature - you can treat 2 to 3 small cars with just one bottle (depending on the number of layers), making it a cost-effective choice compared to other ceramic coating solutions in the market. Additionally, its advanced hydrophobic properties ensure minimal effort is needed to maintain a clean and glossy surface.


      • Long-Lasting Protection:Ceramik forms a protective barrier that repels water, resists scratches, and simplifies cleaning, making it the ultimate choice for discerning motorists aiming for pristine protection.
      • Advanced Formula: Specifically crafted for durability, CERAMIK ensures your vehicle stays protected and vibrant. With proper application and maintenance, expect this top-tier ceramic coating to last 2 to 3 years,depending on environmental conditions.
      • UV and Contaminant Shield: Beyond its eye-catching shine, CERAMIK offers robust defense against UV rays, oxidation, and various environmental contaminants, safeguarding your vehicle's appearance and integrity.
      • Hydrophobic Technology: The advanced hydrophobic properties of CERAMIK mean water and dirt simply slide off, maintaining a clean and glossy surface with minimal effort.

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      Glossworx detailing (Melbourne), Shark Auto detailing (Perth)