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Two Wheel Addicts and Exhaust Notes Australia review

We have recently been reviewed by these two excellent websites. If you're not familiar with them, it's worth bookmarking them. In addition to the reviews, we appreciate these websites for their up-to-date and consistently fact-based reviews and statements.

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Extract from the review:

"...From the good people at Unpass Australia, Orage Cleaning Wipes offer a waterless solution that works remarkably well on motorcycles, cars and even the humble pushbike. That said, it’s fair to say we had our doubts about the manufacturer’s claims before we tried them.

A few mates with a couple of bikes gave us the chance to put this product to the test though and we’ve got to say, the results are nothing short of impressive. It’s a simple and time efficient two step process to get the most out of the Orage Cleaning Wipes..."


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